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“I will always write about helplessness.”

This is the eloquent response that Joss Whedon would have given to Stephen Sondheim (who said, “I will always write about yearning.”) if he could go back in time and correct their conversation.

Today, Joss took us to his ‘dark place’. He is an amazing, inspirational man and his fans are hilariously rabid. I will not claim to be a huge Joss Whedon fan. I am familiar with some of his work and after today, I know that I need to get on to actually watching “Firefly” and reading his work on comics.

too cool for school. can’t forget this line, either:

'adolescent girls with superpowers are the avatars by which i work through my issues'.

but yeah, get on that— firefly is the absolute bob-omb.

river tam: fractured


Serenity [2005]


Serenity [2005]

just got back from seeing joss whedon at the opera house.

the guy is ridiculously cool. like, ridiculously.

i’ve never seen someone speak so passionately about their work. the crowd was definitely a surprise, too— gig was packed out with elderly couples, comic book geeks, post-ironic hipsters, raver-punks, ‘normal’ people wearing volleys and plaid shirts. one thing i’ve always loved about whedon’s stuff is that it tends to attract this weirdly multi-demographic audience, despite it’s GEN X/Y self-actualisations. warm, delicious fuzzies may have entered the equation when i realised that we were all ‘connected’ by our emotional investment in whedon’s characters / stories.

( this is where you groan and close the tab. apologies for the melodrama / mega-lame. ) 

i still feel kind of terrible for going, though. my brother really wanted to get tickets, but backed out because his exams start this week. sure, i have exams / assessments this week too— doesn’t make the older-sibling-guilt go away. i will probably get him something awesome and whedon-y to alleviate said guilt. in the meantime, i am going to eat wedges and drink orange juice and nap.

oh, one last thing. wil anderson hosted the gig. wil mothertruckin’ anderson. apparently he’s been a massive buffy nerd for years. even bought three tickets, before he was asked to host. my douche-oriented evaluation of his person has been revoked. permanently.

joss whedon changes lives.

not so shiny: plenty of drama for buffy creator joss whedon 

'i stopped having ideas, which for me is an extremely rare experience,' whedon said. 'it was something much more subtle [than losing hope], it took away my ability to think in terms of episodic television. for years.'

somebody needs to superimpose joss whedon’s face on to sad keanu. like, right away.


If only, The Onion, if only…

'the FCC remains committed to serving the public good, and after sitting idly by while veronica mars and firefly got dumped before they were able to find their audiences, we could not let party down suffer the same fate’.

i really want these shows back in my life. finding stuff to watch is harder when you’re part of a niche television audience. sigh.

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because i am a massive joss whedon fanboy, and this is what massive joss whedon fanboys reblog.

river could’ve totally taken them on.

joss whedon: from buffy to dr. horrible, infinity and beyond:

Joss Whedon: From Buffy to Dr Horrible, Infinity & Beyond in the Concert Hall on Sunday August 29 introduces one of the world’s best-loved screenwriters; a writer across film, TV and the web, a director and enduring pop culture fan.

In this exclusive Sydney appearance, cult screenwriter and auteur Joss Whedon will talk about his on-going love affair with popular culture and his inimitable storytelling style.

He will discuss outsider heroes, strong female characters and the uses and abuses of power. Joss will also discuss the creative ways in which he has played these out in a variety of media forms: in films from Toy Story to the forth-coming film adaption of Marvel Comics The Avengers (which Joss is both writing and directing) and in TV series from Buffy through Firefly to Glee, and across a vast range of comics. 

Venue: Concert Hall
Dates: 29 August
Duration: 90 minutes with no interval

oh man, there is no limit to how there i am.
this guy is the absolute truth.

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i miss this show. 




Whedonesque’s twitter quote of the day.