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The first run of Beta Male t-shirts available now in the shop. This is just the first of a number of silk-screened items lined up for ‘11. Go embrace your non-cockiness and pick one up. The perfect shirt to get pushed around in, this new year!

my life, summarised on an AA 50/50 poly-cotton blend. i’d probably be keen to pair it with an orange beanie, as to look / ‘feel’ like steve zissou.


ArchDaily - Morris Arboretum Tree Adventure / Metcalfe Architecture & Design

so like, if a really ‘heavy' person sits on this thing, will everyone else roll down towards that person? if so, i'm totally gaining thirty kilos to 'fat attack' this mo'frugger.

(via regisvf)

siavosh sibeti - when facebook becomes a book

next semester, i’m doing a media course about ‘the practical, historical, contemporary and theoretical dimensions of publishing’. sounds fun, right? and because i’m a neurotic, over-achieving douchecake (think mathletes’ kevin-g vs. willow rosenberg circa. season 3), i’ve already started doing deskwork for the major project.

s’pose it’s not really ‘work’ if you like doing it, though.


Andy Gilmore.

i don’t know anything about design (is there something about a rule of thirds?), so don’t take my word when i say this is totally ace.

but isn’t it, though? ‘sif you wouldn’t want this on every surface, ever.