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all i want for christmas is for you dudes to shut up’: or a brief intro to why hating glee’s holiday episode doesn’t make you a grinch.

i wrote this gargantuan post explaining all the things that made me hate a very glee christmas, but decided to delete it for fear of sounding douche-y. glee might’ve intended to preach teach me ‘bout the virtues of holiday spirit, but i instead received a lesson in acknowledging others’ media schedules— no matter how uh, questionable they might be.

p.s. seriously though, the bit where they shout ‘we’re all misfits!’ ? i threw napkins at the tv. h8 u, ryan murphy!

not so shiny: plenty of drama for buffy creator joss whedon 

'i stopped having ideas, which for me is an extremely rare experience,' whedon said. 'it was something much more subtle [than losing hope], it took away my ability to think in terms of episodic television. for years.'

somebody needs to superimpose joss whedon’s face on to sad keanu. like, right away.


If only, The Onion, if only…

'the FCC remains committed to serving the public good, and after sitting idly by while veronica mars and firefly got dumped before they were able to find their audiences, we could not let party down suffer the same fate’.

i really want these shows back in my life. finding stuff to watch is harder when you’re part of a niche television audience. sigh.


After all the work she put into her Jason Bateman in Teen Wolf Too homage, Shelby was frustrated that everyone was mistaking her for Michael J. Fox.

(via Go Pug Yourself: Shelby the Teen)

words can’t express the joy this brings me.